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Oo Spring time does strange things to people, I think.

I just discovered someone on deviantart using one of my chibis obiously as a reference without mentioning it in their comment >.>.

And this is just a few days after someone taking one of my AE2-pictures to re-use in a graphic without asking me first. (That got solved fast, though ;) )
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I'm not even sure I can remember everything, because it was such a blast :) Also, I'm sure you can find better reports about the panels than what I can remember. (I was busy taking pictures, too!)

Jensen Coffee Lounge on Saturday )

I still haven't sorted through all of my pictures, there's just too many of them. But I can post some from the J²-panel on Sunday, that's the only panel I've sorted through so far (damn you, real life, for distracting me!) Also, please don't re-use my pictures without asking me first :(

And, last but not least, the autographs I got from the J's

The Autographs )

Also, I hung around nearly the whole time with [ profile] leyla_lovely  and it was awesome ♥ MISS YOU DARLING!!
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I must have been a good girl last year, because today was awesome!

Just watched the season finale with [ profile] leyla_lovely and my two roommates :D :D It was fun (and I won't spoiler anything except that our collective reaction was "WTF?"

Also, I won a friggin' Coffee Lounge with JENSEN today and managed to snag one of the seats right next to him. So I spend 20 minutes today staring at Jensen Ackles from about 1m distance :D (GOD, he's so handsome!) Sadly, I haven't managed to say  a lot there, except a little comment about the anime, because I was so dazed by his handsomeness!

I hope to post a better entry soon, but here, have a Jensen and a Jared in the meantime!

Under this cut :D )
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Okay, I still don't have a question for the J's, but I wanted to ask them something.

I'm totally open to suggestions in the comments ;)


May. 15th, 2011 03:53 pm
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From today on, my R-rated and NC-17-rated fanarts will be friends only. I've thought hard about it, because I'm usually not such a friend of f-locking stuff, but I don't want everyone on the internet who googles me be able to see it without me having some control over it.

Okay, I admit I post to other sides, too, but you need an account to see it there, too. Here, you can just click past the "You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults"-warning if you're logged out :(

I'll leave anything I do for a challenge unlocked, no worries. Just the graphic stuff'll be under f-lock!

If you somehow want to see it, friend me and I'll friend back! (And if you've already friended me, just drop me a line and I'll friend back :) )
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Okay, I'm a bit early, I know, but I'm not sure if my internet won't crap out on me later today, so I want to get this at least posted to my journal :) I can still crosspost this entry later with my mobile, but it's not easy to code an entry with pictures and cuts on my mobile.

I've claimed the movie "The Mummy" for art, because I absolutely love it and, well, the image of Jared in Rick O'Conell's clothes was what tipped me over to get it *G*


The whole picture's under the cut :D )
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Art claiming day for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang  is getting close \O/
I'm actually pretty excited already :D

Hopefully I can get a story I like *G*

Anyway, I'm going to spend the time rereading my "Dresden Files" book, so that I can get ready for the newest book in july! (And just why can't the English version come out at the same day as the American? I could buy it in London, that's my last day of my vacation there :( )

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Okay, maybe some of you know this already, but I have a problem with watching anime episodes in English. I simply can't do it at all...
Luckily, I found the original Japanese with subtitles :D

And since I haven't seen these posted somewhere already, I thought I'd upload the episodes in Japanese with subtitles for you on megaupload.

They're all in mp4-format.
And don't forget to change the hxxp to http! :D

The Episodes )

I'll add the missing ones as soon as I get them :)
Enjoy! :D


Apr. 27th, 2011 01:28 am
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First: I hope everybody of you had a great weekend so far and happy spring holiday of your choice :D

Second: Thank you to [ profile] leyla_lovely , [ profile] inkruns , [ profile] merngel , [ profile] baby_d00 and [ profile] princess_schez  for remembering my birthday :D

My mom did something awesome for me: She's gotten me a new sketchbook with a hand-sewn cover with little owls on it ♥

Isn't it cute? :D )
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Okay, I had this sitting neearly finished on my harddrive for quite a bit now and thought it's now a good time to finish it :D There are still a lot of mistakes, but I'm actually too lazy to fix them.

And, wow, surprise, it's NOT porn XD Just a simple chibi-fanart with Sam and Dean for a change :)



You can also still bid on me for [ profile] help_japan  here :D

ALso, I'm brand-new to tumblr, so if anyone of you's also over there, give me a shout :D
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Okay, I caved and gotten a tumblr-account.

You can find me here ->

And if anyone'd want to help me find the ropes, you're more than welcome, I'm still a bit lost.
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What's it with the world lately?  I feel sad for what's been happening in Japan, the pictures are horrible.
Anyway, most of you already know it, but there's an auction community for [ profile] help_japan .

I'm offering my artistic skills here, because that's all I can do, if anyone's interested.


Feb. 28th, 2011 06:19 pm
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Okay, I did not sign up for a second claim at [ profile] spn_cinema , but rather did post  an offer at [ profile] help_nz 

You can find me over here ;) Bidding starts tomorrow.

Oh Dear xD

Feb. 21st, 2011 12:52 pm
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Sign up or don't sign up for a second claim at [ profile] spn_cinema?

I'd claim Monthy Python's Life of Brian if I sign up for a second round, btw =D Bring on the CRACK, folks!

Ps: Smartphones+Internet+lunch break=♥
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okay, since I can't stay away from challenges, I've decided to claim something for [ profile] spn_cinema and am stuck.

[Poll #1706052]

Also... J2 or Sam/Dean?

ETA: Brothers Grimm is out, someone else wants to do it and I don't want to take that away from someone on my flist.
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Heee, I've got to be one of the people who's really excited for 6.17 =D
And I already have a theory. Spoilers )
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Wow, today came faster than expected, it's my second posting date for [ profile] j2_everafter 
This time, it's art for "Enchanted". I absolutely adore that movie and it was also my first claim this round ♥.


It's under this cut )


Feb. 13th, 2011 09:22 pm
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Okay, these entries seem to become more frequently, but I'm bored and a bit unmotivated right now.

Anyone willing to talk via IM with me? I promise I don't bite! :D Even if we usually don't talk, I need someone to kick my ass motivate me to finish my next porn-y fanart.

All my IM-accounts are listed in my profile, just include who you are if you use ICQ so I don't think you're russian spammers.
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My first [ profile] j2_everafter-post \o/
It's for Pirates of the Caribbean (admittedly, I came from the Age of Sail-side of fandom, before I've gotten into Doctor Who and then into Supernatural, so there was no way I was going to pass this prompt up, even with all the problems I have with the later movies.)
This post contains schmoop and chibis )

I'm going to crosspost it later, I'll have to run to be early in town, want to book my summer vacation in London \o/


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