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Birthdate:Apr 23
What's this all about?

Welcome to my fandom-journal =D
This'll be mostly used for anything fandom-related... in other words, this is my place for squeeing about the awesomeness that is Supernatural!
Me <3

I'm 24, female, German, bookworm and I consider myself as a slasher.
At the moment, I'm into Supernatural and love the fandom and its people ♥ YOU'RE ALL AWESOME!

My first language isn't English, so there might be odd mistakes in my grammar or word choice from time to time, I hope you don't mind it and I'm already sorry for doing them.

Also, I self-identify as a Dean!Girl in fandom, with a large sidedish of Sam!Girl and some Castiel :)

That's everything interesting there's to know about me
Where you can find me

I'll add others when I think of them =)
Friending policy

My journal's mostly public, except for some personal entries (which are really just a few).

If you want to friend me, go ahead! Though I most probably'll friend you back only if we've talked before or if you drop me a note :D
Something to add?

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i'm in ravenclaw!
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