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And the last pictures I'm gonna post.

Caution, there's a lot of them because I managed to take quite a few ones at that panel :D


(reposting with credit is fine, but DON'T ALTER THEM!)



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And here are, as promised, my pictures from Jensen's Asylum Europe 2-panel.
Okay, my seat wasn't very good, but I tried to make the best out of it =)

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I finally sorted throught the hundreds of pictures I made last weekend!
Phew, that was quite a lot, no wonder my roommates accused me of being a paparazzo :D


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I'll upload my pictures from the J²-panel and the Jensen-panel tomorrow :)
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I'm not even sure I can remember everything, because it was such a blast :) Also, I'm sure you can find better reports about the panels than what I can remember. (I was busy taking pictures, too!)

Jensen Coffee Lounge on Saturday )

I still haven't sorted through all of my pictures, there's just too many of them. But I can post some from the J²-panel on Sunday, that's the only panel I've sorted through so far (damn you, real life, for distracting me!) Also, please don't re-use my pictures without asking me first :(

And, last but not least, the autographs I got from the J's

The Autographs )

Also, I hung around nearly the whole time with [ profile] leyla_lovely  and it was awesome ♥ MISS YOU DARLING!!
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I must have been a good girl last year, because today was awesome!

Just watched the season finale with [ profile] leyla_lovely and my two roommates :D :D It was fun (and I won't spoiler anything except that our collective reaction was "WTF?"

Also, I won a friggin' Coffee Lounge with JENSEN today and managed to snag one of the seats right next to him. So I spend 20 minutes today staring at Jensen Ackles from about 1m distance :D (GOD, he's so handsome!) Sadly, I haven't managed to say  a lot there, except a little comment about the anime, because I was so dazed by his handsomeness!

I hope to post a better entry soon, but here, have a Jensen and a Jared in the meantime!

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Jan. 22nd, 2011 11:41 am
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Hee, ever since the party themes came out, I've been wondering what I should wear and I think I finally know what I'll do.

For "Fairytales", I'll do a Little Red Riding Hood-horror-outfit. Just sat down with my mother and planned it and she'll help me with getting the right fabrics, so that I only have to sew it :D

And for Heaven and Hell, I'll just wear my Castiel costume again.

Now all there's missing is a roommate, otherwise I'm ready for it :D


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