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For my second [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang story I chose a story with a unusual genre: RPF gen, because the summary really hit all my weak points for a story ♥

I'm really thankful for the patience of my author [ profile] agritante  , because there were some RL things going on for me and my lousy sense for time which threw over my plans for drawing.

Anyways, here's my art post for "Logic to the Hmpf Degree" , which is gen Real Person fiction and a really good read :D (Seriously, go now and read it!)

The art is here =D )


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Eeeep, the first posting day is here and I am excited! This is the first time I'm posting something for a challenge on it's first day.

I did art for [ profile] make5hift_wings ' Wincest-AU "In this Twilight", which is really fun to read! :D Go! Now! And don't forget to drool about the mental images ;)

I really have to thank her for rolling with my crazy idea for the index, thank you darling! :D Also, thank you for being patient with me ;)

And, if you know me, it's somewhat NSFW and possibly more romantic than the fic itself because I'm a sap at heart ;)

Under the cut :D )

It was a fun ride so far, thank you a lot [ profile] wendy[ profile] thehighwaywoman & see you all in July when my second art post'll go up :D


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