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And the last pictures I'm gonna post.

Caution, there's a lot of them because I managed to take quite a few ones at that panel :D


(reposting with credit is fine, but DON'T ALTER THEM!)



Under the cut =D )
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I'm not even sure I can remember everything, because it was such a blast :) Also, I'm sure you can find better reports about the panels than what I can remember. (I was busy taking pictures, too!)

Jensen Coffee Lounge on Saturday )

I still haven't sorted through all of my pictures, there's just too many of them. But I can post some from the J²-panel on Sunday, that's the only panel I've sorted through so far (damn you, real life, for distracting me!) Also, please don't re-use my pictures without asking me first :(

And, last but not least, the autographs I got from the J's

The Autographs )

Also, I hung around nearly the whole time with [ profile] leyla_lovely  and it was awesome ♥ MISS YOU DARLING!!
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Okay, I'm a bit early, I know, but I'm not sure if my internet won't crap out on me later today, so I want to get this at least posted to my journal :) I can still crosspost this entry later with my mobile, but it's not easy to code an entry with pictures and cuts on my mobile.

I've claimed the movie "The Mummy" for art, because I absolutely love it and, well, the image of Jared in Rick O'Conell's clothes was what tipped me over to get it *G*


The whole picture's under the cut :D )
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My first [ profile] j2_everafter-post \o/
It's for Pirates of the Caribbean (admittedly, I came from the Age of Sail-side of fandom, before I've gotten into Doctor Who and then into Supernatural, so there was no way I was going to pass this prompt up, even with all the problems I have with the later movies.)
This post contains schmoop and chibis )

I'm going to crosspost it later, I'll have to run to be early in town, want to book my summer vacation in London \o/
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Okay, I saw a picture from the San Francisco Convention yesterday which inspired me to draw this J²-pic :D
The original was by [ profile] wolfpup2000  and you can find it here. It's the Bonus!picture :)
When I saw it, all I could think was how easy it would be for Jensen to pull Jared to him for a kiss :)
And, well, this is the result:


As always, the picture's under this cut :D )
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... I just went out and bought a San Antonio Spurs t-shirt for me.


Granted, it was on sale, but still! I'm not into any sport at all!

....I should lay off the J³-fiction for a while.


Dec. 12th, 2010 06:46 pm
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Oh god, I hope you're not sick of seeing me posting something... but I got poked to post this one today.
It's, already, a christmas picture and its, like I mentioned two posts ago, J² :)

I can't even remember how I got this idea, but anyway!

Picture's under the cut :3 )

Have a (crack-y and) nice december, folks! :D
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Since I've gushed about "Restraint" a few entries ago, I couldn't resist doing a fanart for it.

I really love the characters in the story and had to drew two certain someones from the story ;)

As always, the art's under the cut )
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I'm currently squee-ing like mad because one of my most favourite J²-AU-stories has been updated today.

It's "Restraint" by DarkEmeralds.

I know it must have been rec'ced a hundred times already, but I really have to do it, too! It's a regency England J²-AU and beautifully written.
Don't let you put off by the different names, it's well worth it! That's one of the few stories I've read that I'd rec' to people not even in this fandom. It's not finished yet, but at the moment, there's just one chapter more planned!

Can't shut up about this story at the moment and my friends on msn messenger have to suffer because of it ;) Sorry! ♥

Also, I have a little request: I need more J²-icons. Can anyone rec' me some good icons?
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I was fortunate enough to get a pinch hit call for [ profile] sweet612kitty 's story "Assemblage", which is a wonderful J²-College-AU!
When I read the summary, I knew that I couldn't say no and had to do art for the story.

This time, it's not only a drawn picture, I also dabbled in graphics for the header and dividers.

Warning, there's some skin showing in my drawn picture! (Also, the boys are in bed together, though it's just sleeping and nothing naughty)

As always, all art's under the cut. )


This was most probably my last Big Bang entry, it was an amazing experience for me!

Thank you [ profile] sweet612kitty for the beautiful story and thanks to[ profile] wendy  and [ profile] thehighwaywoman  for organizing everything!


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