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Eeeep, the first posting day is here and I am excited! This is the first time I'm posting something for a challenge on it's first day.

I did art for [ profile] make5hift_wings ' Wincest-AU "In this Twilight", which is really fun to read! :D Go! Now! And don't forget to drool about the mental images ;)

I really have to thank her for rolling with my crazy idea for the index, thank you darling! :D Also, thank you for being patient with me ;)

And, if you know me, it's somewhat NSFW and possibly more romantic than the fic itself because I'm a sap at heart ;)

Under the cut :D )

It was a fun ride so far, thank you a lot [ profile] wendy[ profile] thehighwaywoman & see you all in July when my second art post'll go up :D
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This'll probably my last entry for this year, because I'll stay at a friend's place until the 2nd january and I'm not sure I'll be able to post something.

Also, I've drawn a new picture... my weakness for possessive!evil!Sam is definitely showing here.
Somehow, I am rather proud of it because I managed to finish it relatively fast for me.

NOT REALLY SAFE FOR WORK -> There's skin showing

As always, you can find the picture under this cut )


Nov. 13th, 2010 02:24 pm
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Oh dear God, I'm on a roll with slash fanart at the moment, I drew yet another one.
Again, it's wincest.

And again, it's NSFW, though this time, there's only naked kissing going on and nothing more graphic ;)

Full picture under the cut )

And something unrelated: I want to claim a prompt for [ profile] j2_everafter  later today, but can't decide which one I want most, aaaaah!


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