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OMG, I'm getting the results of my written exam later today DX

I have no idea what I'll get, because I can't even remember what I actually wrote.

Also, my tablet is back from the repair service... or rather, I've gotten a brand new tablet because they apparently weren't able to find a simple loose contact in the cable, LOL!
Not that I'm complaining :D

Sadly, it's at my parent's place, because we weren't sure if I would be at home when the mailman comes, so I'll get it back on Friday.

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Soo.. since I can't seem to fall asleep today, I'm going to write some updates on my life :)
Next week, I'll have to write my finals for my apprenticeship. You can't imagine how stressed I am because of them >< I don't want to fail them!
*runs in circles*

But what keeps me going at the moment is my vacation in London in about 3 weeks :D Yay!
It's just a short one, but I'm really looking forward to it :D

If anyone'd like a post card, just give me a shout with your adress ;) I'm screening the comments just in case!
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First: I hope everybody of you had a great weekend so far and happy spring holiday of your choice :D

Second: Thank you to [ profile] leyla_lovely , [ profile] inkruns , [ profile] merngel , [ profile] baby_d00 and [ profile] princess_schez  for remembering my birthday :D

My mom did something awesome for me: She's gotten me a new sketchbook with a hand-sewn cover with little owls on it ♥

Isn't it cute? :D )

Real life

Jan. 10th, 2011 03:44 pm
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Okay, I haven't written anything interesting so far this year, though one of my New Year's resolution was writing more in my livejournal and also use it for personal entries.
Not only random porn-y fandom stuff...

I'm nearly finished with my [ profile] j2_everafter prompts :D Too bad that posting starts in February.

Also, I got a new mobile for me last year, so don't be surprised if you get tweets or emails from me at strange times XD

And I think I have a new most favourite necklace now! It's a filigree key.

Pic with me under the cut  )
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At the moment, I'm going to vocational school thanks to my apprenticeship. It's always for about 6 weeks, until I can go back to the company.
This time, we've got English back on the curriculum.
Well, it's not that I'm one who wants to talk about Shakespeare, Yeats or Wilde in class, but I'd love to get at least a mild challenge.

If you want to see the.... er... absolutely challenging assignment we got as homework today, you'll have to look under the cut.

Cut for size )
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I bought a new external harddrive today, FINALLY!
Now I can download even more stuff and maybe even get to watch all episodes of Buffy :D
(Well, if I don't get stuck watching The Big Bang Theory... again)

On the other hand, they'll start airing Supernatural Season 3 over here this evening. I still have mixed feelings about it since it's dubbed and, well, our voice actors aren't comparable to the original voices. I don't even know if I'll manage to watch a whole episode without giggling my way through it.

And the tagline PRO7 has for this season? "Too hot for hell and too cool for heaven." I think they got their seasons mixed up with that one :D

Now I'm gonna get started with a new chibi picture.


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