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 A little something I had saved on my harddrive a while ago, I just put some finishing touches on it today for [ profile] leyla_lovely , she knows why, ♥


Sometimes, it's exhausting to know Dean )
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Hey there!

This is my second artpost for the [ profile] sncross_bigbang  which has really been kicking me hard. I think I've actually gotten my first grey hair over this, since a lot of stuff didn't turn out as I planned them.

It's for [ profile] gladdecease 's story "Amorphous", which is a Good Omens/Supernatural-crossover! Go check it out now! =D It's great!

Art is under the cut! )

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I had the luck to work for [ profile] moragmacpherson and her absolutely amazing Supernatural/Discworld-crossover "A Grand Sneer" and did quite a lot of graphics for her!

WARNING! Image-heavy and HEAVY SPOILER-ISH for the end of the story!
Images are all under the cut )

Phew! I hope you like them and you should really check out the story!

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Hey, it's me!

My birthday was yesterday and I thought I'd make you all a present because of it ;D

Had this unfinished picture flying around and decided to finally finish it. I doodled it after 5.16 and this is totally my personal heaven ;D

Dean and Cas as chibi!angels )

Now I'm back to working on my[ profile] sncross_bigbang  pictures :D


Apr. 4th, 2010 10:17 pm
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I haven't posted this much here in ages, I hope you're not sick of seeing my entries here.
Somehow I'm really productive lately!

This time, I drew Castiel... eating a hamburger like in 5.14 [which I absolutely loved, btw!]

As always, the picture's under the cut )

I hope you like it :D
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Oh god, what did I do?

Two days ago, I posted a Michael!Dean-Chibi, as to which ran_cl commented if I could do a chibi!Castiel, too.... and since I'm stuck with my [ profile] help_haiti picture at the moment, guess what I doodled..... D:

It's under the cut..... )

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Gosh, and again I'm posting some Chibis.... this time it's Dean and Castiel =D

Somewhat inspired by my crazy mind and the brothel-stuff in 5.03...  *waggles eyebrows* we all know how it should have ended instead, right?

Picture under the cut =D )


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