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I just wanted to say that I finished my apprenticeship with a good grade, wohooo \o/!

And I was finally able to take a good picture of my Duckchesters.

You can find it under this cut :D )


Jul. 30th, 2011 11:35 pm
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 Okay, this is older and I already had it included in another entry, but I felt like it deserved its own entry. This is the picture I took with me to the Asylum Europe 2 Convention this year and got signed by both Jensen and Jared :D


Behind this cut :D )
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 A little something I had saved on my harddrive a while ago, I just put some finishing touches on it today for [ profile] leyla_lovely , she knows why, ♥


Sometimes, it's exhausting to know Dean )
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Hee, I filled a prompt over at [ profile] spn_rambleon for [ profile] maypoles =D She prompted "De-aged!Dean and adult!Sam, because naaaw."

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Finally found some time for this :)

Between all the studying I'm doing at the moment, I took a short break and doodled a header image for myself :) It's pure chibi crack and was kinda rushed, too ^^;


Art is under this cut :D )
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Eeeep, the first posting day is here and I am excited! This is the first time I'm posting something for a challenge on it's first day.

I did art for [ profile] make5hift_wings ' Wincest-AU "In this Twilight", which is really fun to read! :D Go! Now! And don't forget to drool about the mental images ;)

I really have to thank her for rolling with my crazy idea for the index, thank you darling! :D Also, thank you for being patient with me ;)

And, if you know me, it's somewhat NSFW and possibly more romantic than the fic itself because I'm a sap at heart ;)

Under the cut :D )

It was a fun ride so far, thank you a lot [ profile] wendy[ profile] thehighwaywoman & see you all in July when my second art post'll go up :D
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Okay, I had this sitting neearly finished on my harddrive for quite a bit now and thought it's now a good time to finish it :D There are still a lot of mistakes, but I'm actually too lazy to fix them.

And, wow, surprise, it's NOT porn XD Just a simple chibi-fanart with Sam and Dean for a change :)



You can also still bid on me for [ profile] help_japan  here :D

ALso, I'm brand-new to tumblr, so if anyone of you's also over there, give me a shout :D
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Hey folks! :D

I did some art last week to get me over an art blockade. It's just a remake from an old picture of mine (My second wincest art ever!) If you're interested in the old picture, it's this one:Here )

Anyways, let's get to the new one :D This is NSFW because they're naked this time.
It's under the cut )
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This'll probably my last entry for this year, because I'll stay at a friend's place until the 2nd january and I'm not sure I'll be able to post something.

Also, I've drawn a new picture... my weakness for possessive!evil!Sam is definitely showing here.
Somehow, I am rather proud of it because I managed to finish it relatively fast for me.

NOT REALLY SAFE FOR WORK -> There's skin showing

As always, you can find the picture under this cut )


Dec. 19th, 2010 02:21 am
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This was partly inspired by last week's episode and the Discworld books by Sir Terry Pratchett ♥

So this time, there are spoilers for last weeks episode in this post!

Art is under the cut )
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... okay, I've been working on this for an insane amount of time and it still is not like I wanted it to end up.
But if I spend even more time on it, I'll go crazy.

Yes, I know it doesn't look like it but I spent over 20 hours on it ... and yes, I know the theme's so last season but I can never resist this mental image.
Sorry. I promise I'll practise more!

Can't even remember where I got the idea for this, but my brain's always going to "Dean would totally be evil!Sam's pet" and "COLLAR!!!"
Under the cut :D )

(and is there any way that I can get more wincest-fans on my flist? T_T)

Art :D

Oct. 28th, 2010 09:35 pm
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Well, I think my muse's back! :D

This picture's from yesterday already and I like how it came out.
Say, who else is imagining that the Colt was made for a preincarnation of the Winchesters? I can't be the only one.
And this is how I got the idea for this picture :D I kind of like imagining the first owners of the colt (and you know they were a pair of hunters!) were some preincarnations of Sam and Dean :D

As always, the art is under this cut )
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I think I'm over my art block, yay! :D Can't believe it, I've been stuck since my last big bang entry.
It's Dean, the little pyromaniac *laughs*

Art is under the cut )
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I got asked to do a pinch hit for an already posted story.
It's for Leave All Your Longing Behind by [ profile] spiceblueeyes  which is a Dean/Lisa-fanfiction. (Admittedly, I'm still not a big fan of the pairing, but that story worked for me very well! It was the background I was missing in the series for the pairing.)

So, anyways, you're surely wondering what I've done for the story :)

There are 2 illustrations under the cut. )


There are 2 illustrations under the cut. )

There's much more I'd have loved to draw, but I didn't want to post even later. Though I'll go back to this and add more later!

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Yes! I think I finally found a style for drawing which I like!

Success! :D

I did some scribbling today and, well, my brain went to "Winchesters" and "AU"  and "Old American West" and, well, this is the result.

As always, under the cut. )

This was still inspired by some fanfictions... there needs to be more AU Winchesters in the Wild West :D

And I wonder what they've been fighting about.... because that's what they did in my mind. Now they just have to have some make up sex!

Now I finally shouldn't have any problems finishing my big bang art *g*
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I was asked by somebody on Y!Gallery if I could draw her some wincest and since I currently need every minute of practise I can get, I said yes.

And, well, here's the sketch-y result!


No dangly bits, but, well implied intercouse.
You've been warned!
Wincest under the cut! )


Somehow I rather like the sketchy-ness of the picture :D

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Hey there!

This is my second artpost for the [ profile] sncross_bigbang  which has really been kicking me hard. I think I've actually gotten my first grey hair over this, since a lot of stuff didn't turn out as I planned them.

It's for [ profile] gladdecease 's story "Amorphous", which is a Good Omens/Supernatural-crossover! Go check it out now! =D It's great!

Art is under the cut! )

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I had the luck to work for [ profile] moragmacpherson and her absolutely amazing Supernatural/Discworld-crossover "A Grand Sneer" and did quite a lot of graphics for her!

WARNING! Image-heavy and HEAVY SPOILER-ISH for the end of the story!
Images are all under the cut )

Phew! I hope you like them and you should really check out the story!

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Hey, it's me!

My birthday was yesterday and I thought I'd make you all a present because of it ;D

Had this unfinished picture flying around and decided to finally finish it. I doodled it after 5.16 and this is totally my personal heaven ;D

Dean and Cas as chibi!angels )

Now I'm back to working on my[ profile] sncross_bigbang  pictures :D


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