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I just wanted to say that I finished my apprenticeship with a good grade, wohooo \o/!

And I was finally able to take a good picture of my Duckchesters.

You can find it under this cut :D )


Jul. 30th, 2011 11:35 pm
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 Okay, this is older and I already had it included in another entry, but I felt like it deserved its own entry. This is the picture I took with me to the Asylum Europe 2 Convention this year and got signed by both Jensen and Jared :D


Behind this cut :D )
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 A little something I had saved on my harddrive a while ago, I just put some finishing touches on it today for [ profile] leyla_lovely , she knows why, ♥


Sometimes, it's exhausting to know Dean )
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Hee, I filled a prompt over at [ profile] spn_rambleon for [ profile] maypoles =D She prompted "De-aged!Dean and adult!Sam, because naaaw."

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Finally found some time for this :)

Between all the studying I'm doing at the moment, I took a short break and doodled a header image for myself :) It's pure chibi crack and was kinda rushed, too ^^;


Art is under this cut :D )
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Eeeep, the first posting day is here and I am excited! This is the first time I'm posting something for a challenge on it's first day.

I did art for [ profile] make5hift_wings ' Wincest-AU "In this Twilight", which is really fun to read! :D Go! Now! And don't forget to drool about the mental images ;)

I really have to thank her for rolling with my crazy idea for the index, thank you darling! :D Also, thank you for being patient with me ;)

And, if you know me, it's somewhat NSFW and possibly more romantic than the fic itself because I'm a sap at heart ;)

Under the cut :D )

It was a fun ride so far, thank you a lot [ profile] wendy[ profile] thehighwaywoman & see you all in July when my second art post'll go up :D
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Okay, I had this sitting neearly finished on my harddrive for quite a bit now and thought it's now a good time to finish it :D There are still a lot of mistakes, but I'm actually too lazy to fix them.

And, wow, surprise, it's NOT porn XD Just a simple chibi-fanart with Sam and Dean for a change :)



You can also still bid on me for [ profile] help_japan  here :D

ALso, I'm brand-new to tumblr, so if anyone of you's also over there, give me a shout :D
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Hey folks! :D

I did some art last week to get me over an art blockade. It's just a remake from an old picture of mine (My second wincest art ever!) If you're interested in the old picture, it's this one:Here )

Anyways, let's get to the new one :D This is NSFW because they're naked this time.
It's under the cut )
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This'll probably my last entry for this year, because I'll stay at a friend's place until the 2nd january and I'm not sure I'll be able to post something.

Also, I've drawn a new picture... my weakness for possessive!evil!Sam is definitely showing here.
Somehow, I am rather proud of it because I managed to finish it relatively fast for me.

NOT REALLY SAFE FOR WORK -> There's skin showing

As always, you can find the picture under this cut )
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... okay, I've been working on this for an insane amount of time and it still is not like I wanted it to end up.
But if I spend even more time on it, I'll go crazy.

Yes, I know it doesn't look like it but I spent over 20 hours on it ... and yes, I know the theme's so last season but I can never resist this mental image.
Sorry. I promise I'll practise more!

Can't even remember where I got the idea for this, but my brain's always going to "Dean would totally be evil!Sam's pet" and "COLLAR!!!"
Under the cut :D )

(and is there any way that I can get more wincest-fans on my flist? T_T)
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Okay, this is what I did last weekend... after I've spent last week reading through [ profile] leonidaslion 's Suite-verse, which I really enjoyed reading.

I did an illustration of Sam from "What Burning Bliss To Drown In An Ocean Of Fire" and I'm quite happy with the result this time, for a change :D Even if it took ages until I was finished. Looks like I'm finally getting where I want to with my drawings \o/

As always, the art is under a cut )
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I got asked to do a pinch hit for an already posted story.
It's for Leave All Your Longing Behind by [ profile] spiceblueeyes  which is a Dean/Lisa-fanfiction. (Admittedly, I'm still not a big fan of the pairing, but that story worked for me very well! It was the background I was missing in the series for the pairing.)

So, anyways, you're surely wondering what I've done for the story :)

There are 2 illustrations under the cut. )


There are 2 illustrations under the cut. )

There's much more I'd have loved to draw, but I didn't want to post even later. Though I'll go back to this and add more later!

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Yes! I think I finally found a style for drawing which I like!

Success! :D

I did some scribbling today and, well, my brain went to "Winchesters" and "AU"  and "Old American West" and, well, this is the result.

As always, under the cut. )

This was still inspired by some fanfictions... there needs to be more AU Winchesters in the Wild West :D

And I wonder what they've been fighting about.... because that's what they did in my mind. Now they just have to have some make up sex!

Now I finally shouldn't have any problems finishing my big bang art *g*
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I was asked by somebody on Y!Gallery if I could draw her some wincest and since I currently need every minute of practise I can get, I said yes.

And, well, here's the sketch-y result!


No dangly bits, but, well implied intercouse.
You've been warned!
Wincest under the cut! )


Somehow I rather like the sketchy-ness of the picture :D

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Yet another picture where I've got absolutely no idea where it came from.
I should be working on my bigbang-art (and I am, really! Though I'm having a bit of an art block at the moment... but that should vanish soon ;D)

This is, again, a chibi picture of Dean and a slice of pie.

As usual, it's under the cut =D )

And if anybody's interested, I'm offering some sketches. Just prompt me and I'll do it :D
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I had the luck to work for [ profile] moragmacpherson and her absolutely amazing Supernatural/Discworld-crossover "A Grand Sneer" and did quite a lot of graphics for her!

WARNING! Image-heavy and HEAVY SPOILER-ISH for the end of the story!
Images are all under the cut )

Phew! I hope you like them and you should really check out the story!

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Since they were well-received (well... for manips, anyway, as in nobody run away screaming bloody murder), I decided to post what I did to my journal.

So, yes, here are 2 manips I did.
(I won't repost the first one since it was kinda NSFW. If you're interested, there's a link to it in  [ profile] spnmanips )

The one with Sam's him topless, so.. this might be slightly NSFW, depending on where your workspace is ;D And I've got to throw a little warning in for Dean smoking.

Dean smoking )

And here's the second one:

Demon!Sam - shirtless )

My excuse for doing this?
I was bored and had run out of fanfictions I wanted to read :D

And maybe I'll do one or two icons of this, if there's anybody interested in it.

And please, don't kill me for this, okay? Those were my 2nd and 3rd attempts at manips.
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Okay, I have NO idea what I did now. It's a kinda anti-Twilight-picture featuring chibi!Eddy and... Chibi!Sam Winchester?

Yeah, I know.
Though we all know that Sam'd own Eddy even before he had breakfast, right? =D

I simply couldn't resist!

-cut- )
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Uh, I should have done this earlier, but... well... I kinda forgot it. 

I did some new (chibi-)pictures which I promptly forgot to post here. I swear, if I didn't know better, I'd say my memory's as hole-y as a cheese.

All of them under the cut )


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